July 13, 2024

1 thought on “CAGOP Endorses Brian Dahle for Governor

  1. Aaron F. Park from the CAGOP Floor:
    “Le Roux lit off a bomb against Brian Dahle accusing him of buying the CAGOP endorsement. This is a practice your intrepid blogger has long believed has existed. The basis of the charge was a $40,500 check written to the CAGOP on Friday by Megan Dahle on 4-22-2022 to the CAGOP and tweeted out by Rob Pyres. When I asked Brian Dahle’s crew about the check, they said it was a max-out contribution to the Assembly Caucus via the “One-Ask” program where money is raised in to the CAGOP and split in thirds between the GOP, the Assembly and Senate Caucus. These checks are common, but the occurrence of this check and the timing is terrible and looks really bad.”

    Aaron Park – https://rightondaily.com/author/sgtyork/

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