June 25, 2024

2 thoughts on “Capitol Meltdown Over Citizens’ Audacity of Resisting Vaccine Work Group

  1. You write “we’re winning”. Who is we? The editorial staff of this website? You know, half of El Dorado County voted for Biden. You’ve just lost a potential reader as fast as I found you. Sadly, you are not a “Comprehensive News” outlet (as your masthead states) but rather a far-right, anti-vax, anti-mask mouthpiece. Pity. This county needs true independent journalism.

    1. This is a story by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley.
      He represents our area.
      It is clearly marked as his story.

      BTW Josh, I am fully vaccinated and do where a mask, even these day when I am in high-risk places.
      Thank you for your comment anyways, Cris.

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