November 30, 2023

3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Disaster Victims Shouldn’t Have to Run a PR Campaign to Get Federal Aid

  1. This county has continually treated Governor Newsom terribly. Publicly. In defiance to his efforts to keep the woolen of California safe. Even before Covid, our Sheriff has essentially spit in the face of our Governor. Then, when you need him to go to bat for you, he does. But, did he go the extra mile in his pleas to the President? I don’t know, but if he didn’t, I can understand why. You can’t pick disrespect someone one day, many days, most days and then expect them to give their all to helping you. I lay this partially at the feet of our Sheriff and our BOS.

  2. My research indicates 3 things:
    1) Individual Assistance in a prior Flood Event in the South U.S. – The I.A. was provided DIRECTLY from the Fed agency because LOCAL infrastructure was wiped out and there was no places that people normally go for assistance.

    2) We are not so bad as that since most Normal Assistance buildings here are still intact and staffed [somewhat]

    3) POLITICS… We can see from this story that POLITICS is in play. My opinion of what I see when I put all the pieces together over the last two decades of FEMA Direct assistance – it depends what Political Party is in the White House as to what areas of the country gets better served….

    We are a stand-out Conservative part of the Country. When a Republican was in the White House we got better Federal Service then when a Democrat is in the White House [in MY opinion, Cris Alarcon]

  3. Fire Insurance Required? ONLY if you have a mortgage [as a term of most Mortgage companies], so fire insurance is not a requirement. Most folks in the area are lower income so cutting corners budget-wise is normal.
    A few years ago CalFire Redlined most areas in California that were rural… Regardless of actual fire risk.
    After that Redlining all Insurance companies raised rates in those areas. MANY increases in rates were over 200% increases, without notice…
    So all this resulted in an unusually high number of uninsured homes.
    The problem is so significant that the State has created a program that offers low-cost insurance to those priced-out of the Insurance market after CalFire released a state-wide map of High Risk areas [I will call ‘Redlining'”] Using this map gave Insurance companies the justify dropping some and drastically raising most Home Owner’s Insurance premiums.
    Only some people were aware of the new program and most were still scrambling trying to figure out how to deal with being dropped outright or having a notice of an outrageous premium increase.

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