April 19, 2024

5 thoughts on “Law Firm Notice to Rescue Union School District re Surveys sent to Middle School Students

  1. It makes one wonder why adults are asking pre-teens about their sexual preference!
    It makes me shudder!
    There is no shortage of adults seeking sex with pre-teen children, from churches to schools. This seems ENTIRELY inappropriate.
    I doubt it was nefarious but it asked for names [mandatory]. Leaks of computer information is known to happen.
    The thought creates a knot in my stomach.

    Cris Alarcon

  2. In my book, anybody who thinks asking little kids about their sexuality is ok, is a pedophile. All questionnaires and correspondences should be sent to parents. Kids should only be emailed if the email is directly related to their schoolwork.

  3. Wow, lived near this school for 30 years never have I been so disappointed and ashamed of our community Middle School.

  4. The only “logical” reason for sexual surveys requiring names and email addresses is the hope for future correspondence with said individuals. Since the subject of the “survey” is the subjects personal sexual behavior, and that they are children, one can only conclude that those administering said survey hope to contact these individuals at a future time or date regarding any future sexual behavior and possible inclusion in said behavior. In other words pedophilia!!!! In other words these so called “administrators” of the surveys want to take advantage of these young people and use and abuse them for their own sick, disgusting purposes!!!!! These lawyers are a great deal more civilized than I would be with regard to these people. My answer to these people would be a great deal more medieval!!!!! They should be very glad that I don’t live in their part of the country because it seem pretty obvious that these sicko’s with their virtue signaling BS are nothing but a bunch of sick pedophiles looking to take advantage of some innocent children!!!!!

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