June 25, 2024

5 thoughts on “Fatal Hit-and-Run Suspect Who Turned Himself In Pleads Not Guilty – Mountain Democrat

  1. Lee N.
    “I know that Julianna’s family and friends would have loved to have 4 more hours with her… pleads not guilty? Just as if he is spiting in the face of her parents, brothers, sisters, and friends.”

  2. Stacy E.
    “he should have thought about that when he got arrested first time for driving under the influence of alcohol. I’m sure if someone did that to his kids he would go crazy and want the biggest punishment for the person that took his child away from him.”

  3. Ladonna G.
    “and working for Mountain as a foreman means his ass has had extensive CPR and first aide training yet he chose to leave her there alone! Absolutely disgusting!”

  4. Jean H.
    “Screw this article and the “poor guy” slant with two kids and a mortgage. He killed!!!!! He killed a little girl!! Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 2 DUI’s in 4 days, hang his ass!!!!!’”

  5. Dustin H.
    “That human garbage passed me on Carson about two miles before I saw the scene, I thought he had just hit a deer. The whole front was smashed, almost the entire windshield, he probably could barely see out of it. He was probably doing 80mph.
    I then came across the scene and her body.
    The hope that mother fucker doesn’t make it out of prison alive.”

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